Michael Dalmas

Michael Dalmas is the Pharmaceutical and Product Development Expert at RCLIN Pharma Ltd. Mr. Dalmas is a licensed Pharmacist and Food Handler. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) from the University of Malta.

Prior to joining RCLIN Pharma, Mr. Dalmas has worked for many years as the lead product formulation expert in both solid and liquid dosage forms, and has had extensive experience of manufacturing various product classes in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Working under GMP conditions, he contributed in favor of production trouble-shooting and the setting-up of stringent validation programs.

Mr. Dalmas also worked for nearly 10 years as the responsible pharmacist with a wholesale dealer (pharmaceutical, nuclear medicine, food supplements and medical devices) and was responsible for the quality management system, product registrations and pharmacovigilance as per requirements under the relevant EU Directives for GDP operations.

Throughout his professional life, Michael developed a deep interest in natural products as the safest and most effective way of treating disease. This brought him to better understand the philosophy behind: treating the patient, not the disease.