Products & Services

RCLIN Pharma offers two product lines of molecular and supplement compounds: personalized formulations and general market products. The personalized products are available only to medical professionals and are developed based on specific doctor prescriptions. The products for the general market are developed and sold under the trademark Dr Pruss™.

Besides RCLIN’s own products, RCLIN Pharma provides services in contract manufacturing for food supplements and distributes small-size batches of raw materials used in food supplements.

Personalized Formulations

With a manufacturing facility located within the EU, RCLIN Pharma is ideally positioned to support medical professionals and research centers requiring production of compounds based on specific requirements and in limited quantities.

Dr Pruss™

The mission of Dr Pruss™ product line is to provide a health-conscious community with medications, food supplements and other health and beauty products researched, developed and proven effective by RCLIN.

Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing high-quality food supplements can be a challenging experience, if the wrong partner is chosen. Here at RCLIN Pharma, located within the European Union, our highly trained professionals are ready to help manufacture specialty products.

Raw Materials

To meet the growing demand from research centers, small and medium size manufacturers, and compounding laboratories, RCLIN Pharma repackages and sells various raw materials for the food supplements in different quantities. There are no minimum order requirements.